First establishment of the ramblings/blog part of the website, after spending 30 minutes of working on this website I'm going back to my Japanese studies to look into the language further. Right now I'm learning the number system in Japanese, not super far into my studies, but Japanese is said to be a language that takes years. Tonight I'm hoping to piece together more of the website. To add too I made a template html file for the blog thing I'm working on. Guess I get something to talk about while typing this out

People are weird honestly, I don't know, they just always rub me the wrong away, especially just anyone with a certain following on any website, it's so weird how hive-mind these people are. Just the idea of submitting myself as a follower to someone on twitter is disgusting to me, especially because I consider myself a follower of my chosen deities, I hate twitter so much, but it's one of the only ways I can make friends. Mastodon.Social is honestly too a bit replicating of this and people still have their inner circles. People need to be this way though. A lot of these people call themselves Deluezians, Anarchists, Communists, and all sorts of stuff, but they're not even that outside of the system itself, I mean, I'm not asking for people to be super hands shaking, all sorts of gay shit, I mean gay shit is cool, but

Can't people be a bit more interesting? Go around to try and talk to more people? Not be swamped around in gigantic swarms of followers that will never make sense in any absurd society, 1,000 followers? You know 1,000 fuicking people? Holy shit? That's just not possible, it's so dumb and I'm pissed transhumanists are ok with this by linking their goddam brains to the neuro-link, that's the death of any difference, as if the world wasn't empty enough of quiet places, our plan is to just replace our problems with things that overleap the problem but need vast amounts of resources to reproduce and create. It's the same shit with solar panels and all these other types of "green energy", "society saving", type of tools. We can hope they can do somehing, but honestly, it's due to a society that lacks belief in moderation, discipline, virtues, and more. A dangerous society, we live in a safe society, a society we can see a cop around every corner giving us a thumbs up when we complain about every little problem on twitter or social media anywhere, it fucking sucks man

What can you do though? I know what I can do, just wait till it dies in it's failings as all societies do and live my life how I want to. That's honestly the only way to live in any society, I think everyone lives that way too, i just, feel lonely in this society? People are exclusionary everywhere, they cut people off, force others into loneliness (social torture method, Chinese, Americans do it, lots of anarchists like to complain about this but participate in this often, what most people do on the internet in this digitized society is force people into complete loneliness, complete and utter nowheresville, shit isn't right to do to anyone, especially when they're of a different social act), form their own methods of information, who is wrong, who is right, and etc, shit's fucked, everywhere. Socially, mentally, physically, it's all just degrading and melted down by mass pollution, people are turning insane, the amount of medical diseases across the US population increases day by day, there are no signs of anything getting better, as a friend of mine once told me when I mentioned Pleiadians to him, "I used to believe in them when I believed in angels.".

You wanna be saved, fight for ur glorious heaven? Go ahead, do that, but know the only way out is through urself and with friends that trespass laws, borders, countries, money, digital values on a screen, and more. This message needs to displayed on a screen, as we head further, 22nd year since the Y2K bug. If you wanna test if someone's ur friend or not? Ask them the worst possible scenario between you two, break a promise, or more, and you'll know if that's a friend. And really ask them. I do this sometimes to keep in check with my friends. I don't, bombard them, I just make sure we're friends. Sorts out the bad ones and good ones.