Discord, Twitter, Web2.0 Big Media Corporations

Fuck twitter, I just got that thing deleted and junked away with, it's all about making progress. It's not illegal to protect urself and a consumer's choice who they support in the market, twitter, I will not support as a buisness no more! They operate a gambling service between human relations, the bell becomes the main thing you sought after and want, that fucking bell man, that son of a fucking bitch, it twinkles and then as it twinkles, it others you praise in some way, really stupid way and all that stuff, I don't know, it just makes you feel like you just came for a brief second with the validation you get, that website is a fucking cult breeder, and there's a shit ton of egg sacs being placed by all types of entities that we won't understand for days, that website, is STRICTLY going to be used for exploration and delving deeping into the underworld of it's cultures and subcultures, all types of dumb shit3 like that. After being apart of that Digby I think his name was? Shitshow and seeing what kind of degen shit was goin on there, I got traumatized a talking to those people over time, but hey at least I got better, shit happens when you explore all these different parts of cyberspace while especially being part of it. Your neurons are constantly getting fried that type of thing. At least I'm smarter now and realize more about how these websites are. Discord? Well, I just hate them for their lack of support for things and the communities they foster at times, that digby server being an example, it allows big actors to become leaders of these communities too much and gives them too much power as admins, there's examples from him, Vaush, Finbol, and whoever more I can think of, seriously those fucking guys suck dick and have abused multiple people but can keep their communities up, and not just that there's a bunch of fucking twitter users too to add to the list, it's a rampant problem and it always happens because all the bad people know what they're doing to get away with it and are easily able to!

I suggest anyone else who cares about freedom and autonomy! Autonomy! That is freedom! I have something a bit interesting which some people might want to read, it's more of a critique personally on Discord and my usage with it so far and my usage with matrix.