Haven't figured out how to get my blog set up with the whole blogpage or something, but anyways I'm currently doing a whole lot more stuff with this website since I've gotten idea of how do animation and all kinds of link things, of course the animation isn't the greatest, but I find this why a suitable replacement of hunting the oldnet for .gifs to add, the old site design was sick right? But ya know, I just feel like I should stretch my artistic muscle a little more and try this out. The only annoying thing is the amount of time it takes, I was not expecting to be spending 3 to 5 hours on just finishing up a few buttons for this website, it's all a bit silly, but I got it I feel. One thing which could change though if I'm to be honest is the font, I need a better change of font, something that looks, more fitting.

It'd probably be cool to do a little update post on what I've been doing, which to answer that, really not much, been trying to get lots of studying in. Been reading, I got accepted into college actually! That's really cool and something I am happy about. Still waiting for my girlfriend currently to finish up her personal statement, I'm hoping she finishes it soon, we gotta get it finished. She doesn't have to, she already has amazing SAT scores personally, but we'll see what happens. I'm sure she'll get admitted/accepted eitherway. She's excited to go back to school, I personally am in a mixed bag

yayyy college, but also boooo college, cuzzzzzzzzzz idk lol, it has its downs and we'll see how I fair in a academic environment, one atleast with more control and hopefully more personality, I hope it's not just pure normies and I can find a few fellow freaks out there. I at least hope so lol. Just gotta see

Toooo, no one that reads this, I do want to say one thing, I have a few things to saw about neocities and all types of websites found around here, and that's, that neocities worries me with it's featuring websites thing and that I feel like not a lot of other creators on this platform get seen or thought of as special in some type of way. I did come across a image board recently called lainchan, it seems pretty cool overall and comfy of a imageboard. I heard it was ran by a bunch of old /g/ oldheads, never was around for any of that and browsed imageboards a little when I was maybe 15 or 16 slightly cause I was part of those groups