I'm so happy and proud of myself, after 10 to 16 hours of editting, reeditting, making, and figuring out how to use the div element with flex wrapper, I've finally got the UI set up, I'm so happy. Not just that it fits perfectly on mobile too, though I like to think the amount of mobile users is low on neocities (after wandering around and seeing many of the sites already), which is fine, but personally I like the aesthetic as how it is right now. Currently my future wants for this website are to work on some more personalized things for all the parts of it too, gods, the amount of time I spent already on everything hahaha, I know for sure after this I'll be taking a break and dedicating to my studies/readings as usual.

I want to say something though since I just got that all finished about Web1.0 and all sorts of stuff, my plan is unfortuantely to move away from eventually, but for now I won't be as I lack the ability and infrastructure to do so to keep the server hosted up without the need of neocities as a platform, I've enjoyed my time here though! It's quite nice and I'm hoping perhaps too I could run a onion or tor website alongside this. One thing I want to say, is, the exact reason why I personally think why hosting a website is difficult is not because of the needed skill or the tech to run one, well these are things you do need I think, but it's primarily to do with the centralization and monopolization of technology by corporations, a progression of capitalism, it was a natural progression that Web 2.0 would become a thing, as technology got better, and it's not a problem that web 1.0 is gone, but a problem that technology, hackers, coders, and programmers are not free from the reins of capital, but have become a new subject, oedipus is colonizing the web, and it's citizens are being targetted, couped up, and forced to sell themselves. Technologies like cloud gaming are great, same with AWS, but! Tech prices are rising, bitcoin mining isn't something you can just do as a hobby anymore becoming a full-on industry which sucks up vast amounts of power and getting started costs a good, 1,000 to 3,000$, but even then, it pushes you into a volatile market of sign-values with constant fluxuation, BTC at least goes up in value at least 1 to 10 thousand dollars a day, a day. I wanna say too assert BTC isn't at all secure like it used to be, transactions are found out through the public ledger pretty easily, but it's all chance, Monero thankfully gets rid of this risk which is great, but then again, Monero too is made with the same technology as BTC utilizes to mine and reproduce it, there are no limits on what you can use to obtain the cryptocurrency, it's thankfully though more power effiecient from what I've heard, but still, there will be the same issue of few people producing it, those people being the people able to even buy the expensive equipment in the first place. You can save for a few months, but, by saving, most people mean eating tons of ramen packets, and eventually lose all their money when their car breaks down anyway or rent, food, and more prices are rising because of global supply chain shortages started by a increasing dissolution of the neoliberal order which had economic rein over the planet hosting from the American empire

As America collapses, there will be no entrepreneurs of the future, no new venture American spirited capitalists, there will be people hired by contract in the government to increase the technocratic control of empire over everyone's lives. The already unholy alliance between tech monopolies and the American govt will only increase, strikes, riots, killings, and more will increase, since increasing in 2020, as dissolution takes place. Freedom of speech is already becoming increasingly blurred as it was already beforehand a vague, controllable virtue written on a piece of paper in language at the whims of discourse, "Freedom of Speech", is freedom to those who don't speak out against the government in ways which truly matter and are acts of resistence, freedom to those who are in the more upper echolons of society where all there is to be seen is fields of daisys and skies filled wtih with diamonds. Neocities thankfully, is currently not spotted much in the public eye, but increasingly being spotted, as a platform of creativity and more, it will have this for a little bit, till there is ever a need to meet more demands for rising server costs, legal trouble arises, and more, the internet was and is never a place where free speech reigns supreme, this could only be said on things such as anonboards where all identities are in the void anyways, any mention of radical violence, protests, and etc, will only lead to a knock on the door for neocities, and as a group of few people, it can only do so many things to let this be a place where fun can be had and interactions that are had, so that's what should be most important. I'm not encouraging anything illegal, nor would do so, especially on here, but I do want to say, to anyone that does these things or believes in these things, especially with the amount of hacker and cyberpunk culture I've seen around here, keep urself safe, and keep up ur normal cybersec routines and what you were taught by ur grandparents about talking about certain things online or things from school hahhaa, at least, not in secure places. With the end of this, I say, use Matrix, don't give out ur metadata, watch out for some cookies, and other basic good habits one should always take care of in case, especially as cyberwarfare becomes a more plausible way of attack on nations, countries, and more. Stay safe, and lots of love to anyone who reads these XOXOX :3