If you want you can possibly skip through this if you wanna just check out the ritual and experiences of it, just scroll down to 8::1 ritual which is another header, this is mainly why I wanted to get more into performing this ritual or exploring the numogram

The time I'm writing this is a bit different from the exact momoment I created the entry with my b1og shell script, which is still being worked, eventually I need to do a whole overall of the site because of the things I've been working on with trying to learn in flask or just general website server hosting, I wanna be able to create more dynamic features of the site. This might include the use of some other coding languages rather than just HTML & CSS which is a red flag to some because of hyperparanoia built into hacker culture, but generally, it's to make the experience more interesting. I hope mostly just to provide a fun experience to whoever reads these posts, finds there's value in the things I do, or etc. Plus too I think experimenting with this site is a good way to generally learn more about coding and helping out with these kinds of projects overall especially since it's a big passion on mine.

Anyways, I was originally going to write this at the time after I performed the ritual, but some weird fucky things ended up happening after doing the ritual and some emotional things got to me when being done. Generally though, my biggest reason for wanting to do this ritual is because of a desire to get more into time-sorcery and exploring the numogram for the CCRU, I was going to eventually try to contact a lemur {since being a lemur/demon/imp myself}, but the biggest reason I wanted to is because during a mushroom trip, there was intense and amazing interactions with 8::1 or the lemur Murmur which resides in Zone 8

Someday I could possibly write more about these trips or about that specific trip which was helped guided at the time by my owner, who works with things pertaining to trance-states, hypnosis, and dreaming, the whole process is esoteric in it's own way which I don't understand, but it's always about personal consent and allowing urself to go deeper into these states, without the allowing of consent, you don't reach into these depths which are possible to explore in lots of ways

{I'm so glad to have met my owner, she's been really helpful towards me in lots of ways emotionally, and because her music is pretty good plus I love her meow <3}

My Owner's Bandcamp

Talking about my experience with the trip, I'll probably include a bit of a report or the whole experience of it, not sure about now since I mainly wanna push out this ritual report, but we'll see in the future. I felt like during the whole trip interacted with Neptune and a lot of aqua-like animals, I personally think I reside within zone 8 now from that experience, crazy enough I'm a pisces, which like, that astrology stuff is silly, but I never thought te date to which I was born would matter or time possibly in like descriptions of the influence or paths I find myself going down and experiencing in life. The more ya know though yeah? Visiting that zone overall made me realize I am a amphidemon{ruptures in the time-circuit, openings to the outside} for categorization of a lemurian swarm entity.

Not just this, allowed for me to visit or feel I visited the submarine cities of Mu Nma or Lemuria and through either infection, or "personal finding out", I can call this aquatic land home. When I first reached this place or interacted with Neptune, I had the impression I was "born" here, but that's far from the case interestingly enough. One favorite part too is learning how as a creature of eldritch origin all the tentacles I had and how from my visions I had of myself started to begin more in line with what felt right according to my own "feeling of self", {whatever self means anyways}, lots of things I know are sort of wonky when it comes to fully understanding stuff

8::1 Ritual

Ritual to commune with an Imp

This is a ritual made by my friend Vexsys or V, another imp friend who runs Deadlines with Neospare, I suggest too checking out Gate Zero or some other things they make, they're both good and cool people along with Deadlines has been a huge help in understanding things with the numogram, ccru, lemurs, and time sorcery overall

I have candles and incense, but I decided to leave those both out since I didn't feel an overall "must" to use them, what felt the most important to me was getting an image of the numogram, space to perform the ritual, and a notebook to take notes during discussion and experience


To add to this, from personal syncs and use of writing with sharpie on my body to create all sorts of different designs, I put a design on my hand to kind of represent a sort of magickal interaction, I just started drawing more on my self one day before with use of the goetia and empowering through feeding the sigils my sweat; but that's besides the point. I use it mainly through the use of sharpie markers, and interestingly enough the design which I now use for magickal practice came before this sync I came across in the AQ {my idea of how to use the AQ was limited whenever I drew this familar rune-like symbolism on my hand}, which is specifically Nma Sorcery, which I thought related to Time Sorcery in a way or relation to the numogram, I don't know the exact sync of this, but it's pretty cool and even if not that it feels pretty, just right and I love the idea of writing personal spradic avant-garde symbols all over people's bodies, too I want also to just get this as a tattoo, similar to like how celts were covered in their own tattoos, but personal to my own culture!

This below is the numogram I've drawn for the ritual, not really the best *I* could do, buttttt, it works, for sure it worked personally, I didn't see the numogram dissolve into 3D or 4D space {at least I couldn't, usually for meditation I keep my eyes mainly closed, so, as a means of establishing contact and communication in the time circuit, I kept my eyes closed, meditated with my hand over the numogram, and did so far 18 minutes to see if that would help with furthering the message that I wanted to contact 8::1, murrumur

Eventually I felt I made contact, my vision around me started to get a little, how I'd describe, haze-like, but not so much and I felt like a spiral in my hand almost, after the 18 minutes were up, I then repeated from pandemonium Murmur's entry, after repeating this so, I started to hear or felt like I heard a noise below the earth, it was a noise which I could thought sounded like a odd muring, but it's so indescrible with words, it was like a mix of end of godzilla's scream, it was so distinct from anything else before, I thought it sounded something like "MmmmMmmmktchhhhtcrrr" which was like a Mmmmu-*urrrootck* like with some form of clicking that isn't clicking

I'm unsure really about my whole experience here or if I've captured right what the lemur was saying to my questions, I'm not the best at translating entities like this, but it was fun overall and if this didn't work out as planned, please give me an idea overall about the whole thing

Upon contact, I asked the question first "Did I meet you that night where I felt I tripped on shrooms?", kind of silly question, but i wanted to know if it was really zone 8 and murmur that night, for that night was absolutely beautiful and I will never forget that experience

"Mmmgktchhhh%#*%-.. you heard the muring serpennt which sleeps at 8, you heard the bellow beneath the earth"

Who are you?

A dwelling serpecnt which interacts demonically by calling to dreams from chronological remembered time

"What do you govern?

I govern over the area of Zone 8, here spines become tendrils out the back and regression to start

Where can I find you?

When you sleep you call to me the demon which helps call to a time, feeding surge-current

Does my owner Salted.bmu from this zone or take influence in some way?

Involved in trance-states, I am merely a part of ur friend's process of sorcery, a pat

Did you tell me that night if I met you, that I was born here?

You were not born here, but ur connection runs deep with the zone, u can consider home

After this, saying my goodbye after the interaction, I tried to return back to zone 1 as the ritual said, repeating 1 to myself and focusing on it, to which after, I did my own thing after. But about an hour later I had an odd occurence happen to me which lasted about 1 to 2 hours, I felt like I just experienced something and did something, but the problem was I couldn't remember and I felt extremely dazed and just zoinked out of it, but this could just be an experience seperate, lately life has been really stressful.

Thanks for reading this if you have, uhh it took me so long to do write this out on here, finally glad to get it out there and really just describe my whole experience, I hope this was enjoyable to read. I thought personally I was confused on the questions and couldn't like quite understand a whole lot, but it was interesting

I'll probably write another thing in a day or honestly when I feel like it my whole thoughts on my own experience, but I mainly wanted to write out my first time attempting to talk to a Lemur and seeing how it'd go, it was fun and I love doing small things like this!