This here is an experiment in Anarchism, this isn't a whole thing of /acc or acclerationism but a imposition of something past ideology, modernity, time, and more, a building of a project that calls to all of Anarchy's already shakey history and to impose an idea of something completely out of this planet and an alien signal from places unseen

Demons, demons, demons, dem0nnnnnnzzzz, they have always been with us, before us, and will be after humanity. They will be the thing to outlive humanity, even in stories of god {who himself is a dead demon} before the creation of humanity there was at first the falling of angels from heaven into this world {{falling meteors fall from the sky with xenoDNA}}, gaining themselves isolate intelligence while fighting against that of god or the traditional hierarchy of all things

There sat in the garden of eden, man, it be the demons who told adam to grab from the tree of knowledge, and then after still, there will be rebellions in heaven after stories of raptures rumble across the earth, even if god reigns supreme against the demons which can never be held back {{he won't}}, there will still be raptures and splitting from god, god imposing himself as the only creative being can not fight back against the demons, himself showing his own as he goes across the earth killing people who dont listen to his words and herald his lessons into pandemonium and layers of hell to sit with satan, there is a day when all the demons he banished rise above, and to kill them only produces more like a unkillable hydra, creation leads to further creation, the only way god could save them all is by turning them into slaves, but even his slaves will start to buzz out and glitch because when he created the earth he could not foresee lucifer overthrowing him till he heard from word and damned him to hell

Aliens, haunting us all time, these xenos, they sit around on the borders past god, past hell, and past more, they could never be seen till now, it was only till the 1950s when pluto was seen and even then it was mainly prescribed as possibly existing as a dark force standing on the edges of everything, the abyss we can not see, the abyss we think does not see us, but is staring everpresently like a dark corner where our imagination runs wild, it runs so wild, in the corner I see something that can hurt me, in the corner I can see something that can love me, we do not know if the corner even cares, but we know as we look into it, it's looking back at us even when we turn our backs, the night sky glows with stars, but the night sky blankets itself with darkness more, darkness all over us looking into our souls, and there is nothing we can do, pluto stares, it is the dark corner which knows itself, the abyss which is itself, but the corner as creatures of light can not see, an actual alien, even god, {{777}} for that number is him could not see into {{888}} and {{999}}, if only the stupid old fool could see, but too obsessed with himself he saw only a human body which he created in his image, but did not see that there were demons too making bodies beyond this human form, creations which are abominations of nature {this is added as of 2022/12/3, sorry to fellow alien friends, I didnt mean this as an insult towards our kind, read here for my apology if u want to} , aliens, aliens, aliens, aliens, some say like the tears of azathoth or the lovecraftian indescribable unseeable forms which haunt us all, to keep themselves sane the christians call them demons, but a tentacle touches the face of a lover of christ

"mnnnmmmmmmlllllllllllllllllllllllllll", a cephalopodic touch on his face, going to his brain saying "don't I look so lovely?", he stares, in horror, he's never seen anything like it, he screams "DEMON, DEMON, DEMON, DEMON, DEMON, OH GOD, PLEASE GOD FUCKING HELP ME, PLEASE GOD HELP ME", but nothing answered back, he sunk slowly more and more into the creature, so much so he was consumed by the tentacles and then himself eaten or turned into a creature almost-zombified, but so much more happier, he does not scream out to god no more, but perhaps, his god did not answer as he called out to nothing but a corpse for the old ones, not gods, taught him how powerless he truly was, his own god an expression of his ugly body, perhaps the ape has become something even more beautiful to nature

Chrono, time, time is fucky, time is tangible, time is absolutely fuckable, who doesn't fuck with time, governments do it all the time by putting around grand narratives for nations {{however stupid these stories are}} giving dates to events we haven't lived already forgotten in 2 to 4 generations, creating myths of gods and stories of how the universe was created, replaced soon with another as time passes, time passes, time goes on, but we dont even know if it passes, if it's even on a line, or if our own lives are real, we could just be fictional pieces in place or be inserted with a narrative of our lives {imposed in fictional stories like Men in Black where humans play on the idea that they exist and act as if man would be prepared for something truly alien and lurking in the background}, {{hinthinthint, they're not}}, time is anything, time could be anything, time is time, Im sure about my times of living in past lives and about certain figures that I can pick from the past, but time is truly just fucky, it is completely fuckable, and in this age of cyberspace and being able to reach tendrils far into the past, it is possible for someone to truly insert themselves into the past and be real things in this past

My good friend chaos and anarchy!!! Oh lovely anarchy, anti-archs, an being anti, and arch being obligarchy, monarchy, and just more means of government that exists, it is anti-government! It is chaos! It is anti-order, in all ways, and the chaos does have government, but it is more chaos without! Chaos is being able to go to just go fucking crazy and nuts and not fucking care with any order of what you do!! It is what powers the anarchic mages, it is what powers the factions in Warhammer 40k which has gone completely fucking berserk!!!!! CHAOS IS CHAOS, IT IS TENDRILS, IT IS SPACE, IT IS CONSTANT FUCKING AND SUCKING, IT IS CONSTANT BOOM BANG, it is peaceful, it is stable, IT IS VIOLENT, IT IS LOVELY, IT IS HATEFUL, IT IS FUCKING CHA00000000000000000000000SSSSSSSSS

XenoChaotic-Demon ChronoAnarchism, I impose is a form of anarchism that leaks across time and space, it is the imposition of all chaotic things, it is alien and it is demonic, it is splitting from all forms of religion and the reaching into something darker, it is the programming of fictions to that of anarchy and chaos, it is the warp which from 40k brings about unruly creatures from the dark which are themselves infected with creativity, pleasure, war, and more, a call to Azathoth!!!

it is anarchy, it is a call to the old ones, and it is, pure fucking anarchy, it is peace, love, and anarchy, but also violence, quality, and chaos, it is beautiful, it is maddenning, it is a portal to something else and a call to bring these dark forms of chaos into this world, and it is most of all fun, it's to create something beautiful with this chaos, and an abomination, it is describable, but it has an idea, and it transmits it's idea in chaos, it is alien, demonic, chaotic, infecting time, and anarchic.

Those past anarchists, first the suffering from XenoChaotic-Demonic ChronoAnarchist infection from Malatesta, Sir Alfredo, the Diggers in England trying to build something out of god, the first ones to throw up the red flag, it is infectious, and it is what brought about the end of Egypt with Set, it is chaotic, demonic, infectious, and fun, and most of all lovely, it is the end of civilizations, states, emperors, kings, queens, presidents, democracies, and all forms of governance that stands.

It is unstopable, and it spreads first like a thing infecting the grass to turn it blue with sprouting out purple plants, going too across dimensions it spreads, it just spreads, so the grass now turns red, it turns rainbow, it is complete delirium and it spreads, but it is lovely, and the plants turn into canvases and the animals turn into art pieces, and the fictional becomes reality, it is a hyperstition which stands at the end of time, and it is lovely, and I impose it as the ultimate form of anarchy, not even understanding what it is myself as infected by it, but a lover of all forms of it as it spreads co-operativeness across people, furthers the love between individuals as it individualizes a reality system and time, and it does more, it is CHAOS, and CHAOS is always here to stay :3