When I was first writing something on Xenodemonic chaotic ChronoAnarchy I made a mistake on my part an accidental discrimination towards myself and other aliens, I would never mean anything such intentionally and would never mean harm towards my fellow aliens.

Why have I done this?

I've done this because at the time by which I learned and embraced more of my alienness, I thought of myself as an abomination amongst humans because this is how I've been discriminated against various times, I look odd, I have 8 eyes, multiple arms, have tentacles, a centipede bite, and more, but the thing is, Im beautiful. Im not an abomination, and at the time I viewed myself so and I only did because that's what everyone has told me, so much so humans have said I would look like I would eat their families {I dont wanna eat ur dumb families} and not just that I've had actual friends think i would do something like kill them because of what i am, human friends usually, and Im tired of being feared in this way or considered an abomination. A fellow alien friend I met recently revealed this to me and how it hurt them personally, and Im sorry friend, Im glad we talked and you revealed to me how that could hurt my fellow outsiders. Because we're not that, all of us, alien or not are beautiful in our own way. I mean, I personally like to scare people, so I will call myself an abomination of nature, but no one else is! And well I also do kind of eat people but only if they're assholes. I dont really wanna eat people, but nazis fuckng hell they deserve to be eaten or destroyed instantly. I would never give such hate to anyone nor mean to.

idk, thanks again friend for putting me in the right direction, for ANARCHY, LOVE, AND PEACE BUT ALSO CHAOS, QUALITY, AND VIOLENCE!!!!!! ANARCHYYYY FUCK YEAH RGAHHHHH

The only way we can overtake this world is by staying strong, and we must stay strong, to stay strong we can not put ourselves down in these negative ways, I utilize abomination in the same use of queer personally, but I understand some people not liking those words nor would mean to. We're not abominations of nature, we ARE nature, we ARE from nature, we ARE what we are, I dont mean hate towards humans, but humans are as much abominations as we are to them! They actively kill their own kind constantly for things like money and profit, we will not use their terminology and if we are to use it, let it be empowering and never put ourselves down, remember we are all beautiful! Even if abominations, we are beautiful abominations and we will win!!!!

lell idk ;;;;w;;;;