This is on why it doesn't matter to me whether or not this b1og doesn't get looked at

It doesn't matter really whether or not things get picked up here or not, the B1og exists simply as an entry way to get my thoughts onto here and for me to showcase it, but also to act as a process of recording production

For centuries recording production taken place on paper; paper has the trauma of billions upon billions of books and is erased, but it is not as hard printed as the recording of trauma upon silicon. Silicon is harder. Every 1 and 0 the, 0 no electron hitting the switch, 1 electron burnt upon a recording device harder, harder than getting a tattoo, the silicon feels a zap, *BURNIBURNING SILICON*

This is what makes sorcery utilizing sigils on computers so much more powerful, sure you can just burn a piece of paper with a sigil, but on computers, it is that constant thing running too which empowers it, just running a sigil on a server and everytime someone goes onto that server seeing it there, it is another burnind and activation of an occultic artificat without the seeing it's even being activated, ur computer records the last time you checked something edited, and more constantly zooming between electrons

This is also powerful in the sense of forgetting, forgetting, when you fire off a sigil, people say "oh you must forget it", but in the modern day web, you dont to forget it, it's just being constantly charged and too empowered, if not that that jumbled piece of forgotten data that gets replaced by 1s and 0s other all other kids, is utilized in other ways, it forgets for you as the code is scrambled into oblivion, many call this "byte rot", but this isn't byte rot, there is no rotting, it is just scrambling in an attempt to make more space, the fiction is already established and written into the silicon, the silicon remembers it, the universe and unlife takes it back into itself and remembers all pieces of it

It's the same as carving a sigil onto a car that's constantly running or carving a brand into a machine with a form of logo, it stays charged and is mainly forgotten about as the machine runs, the sigil is constantly charged, {{all brands are idiots with no idea what they charge making only what is based around "imp"ulse and no idea