So on the 2nd, I was going into why I dont really care why this b1og doesn't get looked at, and I wanted to further get into this, to hopefully collect them overall at some point, problem why I had so many problems at the time of finishing it cause the idea just kind of came to me, but since Im thankfully home and able to actually type without being forced to wash bullshit dishes, let's continue

But to further continue, think of a company logo, like starbucks, now, this is just a kind of suggestion or idea, starbucks logo represents the sea or seatle, a siren with two tails, a mythological creature, in the past we would represent various mythological creatures within things like coins, these coins had all sorts of symbolisms around them which the society or a member of said society might be able to recall, but in the modern day these various logos rather than being something representing a special magical aspect of a culture, are completely disenchanted, people think the starbucks logo is just, well, just a logo, something catchy to see for the company to brand itself more, but when we start to delve into the actual greek mythology of, "What is a siren?", a siren is simply something that allures sailors out to sea to their destruction, a partly human and partly fishy-like mermaid luring humans to their death or, possibly to the sea.

Then, think about it, Starbucks is the biggest company in the world in terms of coffee, you see them all the time, people go out to starbucks just doing their everyday normal thing, their coffee is the biggest fueler or caffiene stimulants out there, like a siren she guides techno-capital to a fishy change, lovecraftian like change, or if not, she feeds her worshippers from her coffee productive-tits to productive death, everyone loves coffee, it's in our bones, haven't had ur coffee today? Well fuck you, shit day at work and ur tired as fuck for today, or if not that, no cofee?? Well try catching up to be as fast as ur coworkers, not even tea unless it's black can really make urself as productive as thhe coworkers hardwired on caffiene binges, hopefully one day it won't be amphetamines like from the 1940s to 1970s.

The siren is everywhere, she wants you to drink her coffee,a meme flashes ur facebook feed flashing to the humans, "can't be without my morning cofeee", she's infiltrated our culture. But do the CEOs and the directors of these companies know what they do applying to these old mythological creatures? Of course not, they themselves are under the sirens spell, thinking themselves as captains, but so wrong, addicted to the money they earn and for profit, they blast her summoning all across the earth, but even then though, she isn't a single her, the sirens are many, singing a sweet hymn across the earth packed into a sweet delicious cofee with at least 20 to 50g of sugar, I mean, if not, that adrenaline rushing you and zooming you into productive meltdown really is something else, without it, looks like ur crashing tomorrow into a depressed hell.

We do not know what that symbol does, but taken into account these effects on people globally from the use of this substance of coffee being a vital point of productive overdrive and the siren lures on

Moving on from this though, this symbol is put onto various cars, cars exhausting fossil fuels, burning off and would've been for a time in a world enchanted be thought of some form of advanced magick, to us it's not as the world is disenchanted as god himself denies any such things exist, eating and swallowing all magick trying to represent the "divine", but actually as God = 53 = Lie, he is a bomb, just like the siren waiting to explode.

Electricity runs everywhere, silicon boards are just things flowing with electricity, every little line on it has 1s and 0s burnt through it, and just like in some kind scifi advanced society, it's charging arcane magick which flows through it, a stone portal sits there with various symbols from an unknown world, glow in a light-blueish bright hue, but the charging can't be seen

The need for profit blinds us all, can't you see what comes next, pandemonium. There is a swarm of demons arriving infecting the young, the cross cant handle it anymore, nor the swastika, as forms of order, as originally used, and too representing itself within the last 100 to 200 years imposing control, it fails, it fails, it fails, and even then those ones who want nothing but order, are firstly controlled by greed, money root of all evil, they leak more money, going into that of money being a demonic portal

I could go into more, but it's great, I view this website, as a charging for something greater, and I think all forms of online interactions can be viewed as that, people think of skynet as being a kind of unified thing arriving, but we all know axsys falls into madness before being able to be anything like that, instead, skynet represents itself as the net merging with mesh and becoming flesh, forget about the future, we all know it's here but between. It's only a matter of bringing it here further, it only furthers cancel the tomorrow

At a time when pyramids represented every single piece of society by a top-down structure, the silicon boards slowly fall on society as flat, it's all here now, and there's nothing stopping it. We're all unique and future is filled with unique, there is no grey blob scenario when all becomes flat, but something special and unique, more queer than ever before