"Im hungry", a hungry child murmurs to her mother, the mother, drunken, says back slurring, "well too bad", "but Im hungry", the mother picks up a beer can screaming while chugging it down "WELL TOO BAD", the hungry child retreats back to her room saddened and starving, her stomach rumbles

she goes on her laptop, to complain online randomly about her hunger, scared to talk about her situation, the screen flashes, a bright light before her, "Welcome."

The screen loads.

the computer talks

the computer prompts her to eat the plastic toy she owns since her house is empty of food

Starving from days of being unable to eat, she does so

she eats it, feeling the plastic slowly become her skin as this is the only way she can eat now

Her mother stops caring, drinking more and more

The computer prompts her to eat more plastic

Her mother drinks more and more

She eats more plastic, skins changed color now from the dyed toys

Her mother dies of liver damage, she's become a plastic creature, doctor's perplexed

She lives