Does the void care? Every night, spent staring into nothing

counting the hours, hoping for a change

My mother won't miss me, my father isn't in my life

What sick cruel world is this? Letting my skin rot while nothing responds

Floating to nothing

Where will I even go? Will I even be remembered? In a vast world, I am but a drop

Oh cosmos, can't you see me floating within you, recording on a device

Will I ever be heard from?

Will my mother even cry out for me

Will anything even be there with me

Unmissed, uncared for, unseen, everyone forgets about you, so you strike a stone against a stone, thinking the universe hears it's strike

Lay against the earth, will the earth hear you, will it warm you?

Well, at least u have gravity to stand on above it's core

The indifferent cosmos, everyday, a witness to their labratory, my existence

"Oh father why have you forsaken me!" I shout in a cry of pain, but the cries, can not be heard.

Will any ever hear me, o father I've fallen, o father im falling, o mother i've fallen, o mother im falling, but you dont hear me, as the ocean drowns out my screams, "i am alone", it says to me

Oh bleak world, the uncaring world, only me as witness to the changing seasons, the forever evolving, the forever nonceasing

I only strike a stone against a stone, just for rebellion against the universe, but like a child in my rebellion, I am unaware of the seas, as they erase everything I've written back into the them, with all scriptures put into sand, the scriptures resort back to nothing, when death signs my name into it's book, for I am forgotten, for I am never heard of, for I am never found, for I am in rubble, for I am in dust, for I am in nothing, O, I have died, and dead I am, i wish you all knew who i was, and i wish you all knew my value when u knew me, o i wish i had ur comforts, o i wish you gave comfort to more, o i wish, u held me in ur arms universe, but instead, forgot about me, when ur waves move so fast.