I wish our love was erased into the sands, but those songs I still listen to they bring me to remember you, imprints on my brain, our love was for almost a year, but still I feel ur love after 2 to 3 years wishing to forget; I am remembered as a monster, and thus have become and been a monster, I am sorry to be this, but I just am

there's something about love, it holds the deepest recordings in our brains and reaches the furtherest grooves, we can feel it on us, certain songs evoke a certain emotion, invoking those old memories sealed into ur brain by time

Oh us lovers, when u feel my heart pressed against urs, loving like the _[mother]-figure they impose, but the warmth of having someone tell you it's going to be ok in our images of love, to which happens at times

This creates a heavy recording marker on the brain, that love, love is great and it's hard to forget, it powers so many things and used, or is this a myth we tell ourselves?

When I enter myth, how did gods feel love, why did they feel love, zeus just had sex with random women he thought pretty, when they felt love, did it reverberate across all of existence? Feel love? What is love? Love, release of endorphins and that attractor of two parts to a whole, everyone has a little bit of love, even when ur blasting down ur vein another great dose of heroine deep down, the love expresses itself in you lying down happy and enjoyed

i have become a monster, do i still love?

I think i do because i still long for it, i just find everyday, it grows smaller and smaller to love, the world seems that it's only cold here, to feel the warmth of another machine pressed against me in a loving manner and way, to feel her against me, since her is my attraction, even just love in a friend way of holding me to tell me it's gonna be ok

I no longer chase this, but do i want it, yes, im so alone, is there any escape? As we drift

We drift, further and further apart, every year and year, I forget you, you forget me, did we even meet, did we even know each other?

I don't know, but we're drifting, will we too, our organs and pieces of bodies drift? Loneliness for humans tends to bring them apart and slowly kill them or adapt in other ways; example i feel like i personally sadly relate is that litle girl trapped within her room for years on end, just fed food, not taught anything, not given sunlight, grunting and making noises, of course, the human can handle all this when it's grown up, there's recorded sessions of humans dealing with being underground for years on end with no contact and being ok

The internet grows us to be even further anti-social; our society is already greatly anti-social, hating and tearing itself apart even on the most micro levels of the family, but these only furthers, what will we become

oh oedipus Im sorry for tearing you apart and throwing ur organs in a grinder to create these abominations; but oh love, oedipus when did you stop loving me, when did u begin worshipping me, and when did u begin killing me, she says to him

OO_)00000 0 ) )0 0 0 0 0 0 000 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 edipal machine defunct________ DODODODO OOYY_Y_Y__D__D_D_D_OYU YOU LOVE________NOOOO O O_ _ _ _ _ YESSSSS______

I want to still love, but im so brokenEE$##### #N#N3n3n3n3n3n33n3n3n3n3nn :::::33333 33 33 33 3 im not actually broken, i just wanna overcome this, and be free, do you? Y_Y_Y_Y_Y_U__UOY_Y_Y_YOUYOY_Y__Y_Y_Y_Y_Ou, deserted in cyberspace doom, I blast myself around; I consider myself dead, would you love a dead person? I hope so, because I lov_____eeeeee you too, my dead corpse dragging you down with me, welcome to the abys__--____ss, if only love came to me; but it might never be, and that's ok, may it flow someday