Assyrian Syndrome_The Occulture Meltdown

Occult meltdown, it begins

Man has killed god, now watch as he replaces his god with himself, will he perhaps touch the old ones or only keep touching himself turning himself into a pile of organs as he just screams reverting his body inside out; an anus he sucks himself into, an abyss


Mesh-00: Lurgo (Legba). (Terminal) Initiator. (Clicks Gt-00). Pitch Ana-1. Net-Span 1::0. Amphidemon of Openings. (The Door of Doors). Cipher Gt-01, Gt-10. 1st Door (The Pod) [Mercury], Dorsal. 1st Phase-limit. Decadology. C/tp-#7, Mj+ [7C]. Rt-1:[1890] Spinal-voyage (fate line), programming.

{it starts like this, people begin to try and search out for something more in the realm of the "spiritual", the "outside", some would call it, possessed and organized by inorganic demons to which he can not see, it first starts with the most presentative way of looking and staring at "them", (((RR_R_R_R_R_R_REPTILIAN________OUROBUROSOO)00 00 0 00 0 CIRCLING TIME__HEAR-HER_SHES CONTROLING ME SHE SAYS, MM__N_MM__M_MUR GOVERNMENTS ARE OURS))), to which that presenting way is within fiction, each fiction is a demonic promise, something within it lies a hope, ((God another fiction, promises of heaven, Fu___RRRIES another fiction, promises of being a furry little OWO_DOLLL I LOVE YOU)), being ripped out from the inside, abductions begin to take place into fictional lands

{{I quote from Deleuze and Guarttari's Anti-Oedipus, Pg 85 - "Group fantasy is plugged into and machined on the socius. Being fucked by the socius, wanting to be fucked by the socius , does not derive from the father and mother, even though the father and mother have their roles there as subordinate agents of transmission or execution."

Fantasy is being plugged into and machined on the socius, wanting to be both fucked by the socius and fucking it; cybernetically these outside worlds find their way in, going into adding one more quote from that same page, they want it each other, demons want to leak out from our fictions, just like we want our demons to leak, we are seduced by them, when Elon--_____((Soon possibly to be EKKKon)) (Fuck u EKKKon), fiction helps at least in the fiction by which Oedipus tells right now and is running out of stories to exploit for his own gain, it helps program his social game, Deleuze and Guarttari go on further to talk about the general here, talking about the General becoming immortal through his fantasies and fictions that the "army is immortal"

"we see that the individual fantasy is itself plugged into the existing social field, but apprehends it in the form of imaginary qualities that confer on it a kind of transcendence or immortality"

We must move on from here and look to transcendence as not immortal or transcendent here, to some "godlike", but like a kind of problem of being stuck in the virtual, from nothing, stems everything possible, when we can picture and visualize almost anything even if the form does not anatomically stand up right or make sense, (((BIG FATASS FUCKING FUTA COCKS GOING INTO HER ASS))) ((would kill her honestly in reality)), we can see that within this virtual abyss, anything is possible and we can make anything possible, one popular example of these things is the idea of hyperstitin, fictions which make themselves real, maybe we very much might see absolute monsterous furry beings shoving gigantic cocks into each other while expanding ones belly out so far it stretchs just like rubber, to which some are made out of rubber!

But anyways, diving away from that little joke i just made, which might be hot as fuck, there is something I wanna connect back into fictions and the searching out into the "spiritual" or "outside", which may very much be called the virtual, the virtual is where all kinds of these things are possible and can be tapped into, our history is filled with all of these tapings from the Egytptian priests drawing and inscribing things on the walls of pyramids, to cavemen drawing on walls, to now when an artist puts his brush against a piece of paper, these aren't "above" his reality, but a thhing interacting with him as he interacts with it, just a mere part, what can be considered much more powerful things in reality than to words on a paper can be the planets which move and hold the writer up, the writer only recording and baring witness his small view of them, can the word "Pluto", touch it's surface or only the word?}}

These are things from the virtual, to reality, communing with a demon is just as communing with god, they plug into the socius or the social, to which the social is on all levels of communication, one of the things I can connect this back to again is fiction and art, means of communicating in the social, if we're communicating with actual living entities in some form within our imagination that can move and animate themselves in things like a TV or cartoon show, communing with them begins that "abduction" and people are being brought to those fictional lands, it can first start out like this, desire, what do I desire? I can desire money; a demon promises me this, saying "you will get money, don't you worry", may it be price of blood or piece of my soul (a silly trope, but really real on that blood part for many occultists who let themselves to feed their blood so easily), there are many demons one can commune with, the Goetia, someone could just pray to god for help of providing financial means or for hoppe of improving their buisness, people will begin to search out for more, as life itself in the reality can not, as being attuned to abstractions for it's survival, is bound to fiction, I think what connects the most for right now is the production of culture for a "fictional" escape, people typically are so filled with this need to desire and consume it, that so much seems to be out pouring from fictional pieces of reality

There are so many video games out that, that you'll never run out of fun, but this here isn't the exact invocation yet here of calling to further demons for help; that starts to begin once what occurs is the further schizophrenization from this overshadowing along with that the lost of faith in god, for good reason though! Not to discredit god, but people are so unsure now a days of their lives, that they just blindly consume these fictions, it was once at a time you'd escape by going to church, but church has been replaced by the controller, if u ask a priest, he'd probably agree!

But why? Church doesn't fancy the stimuli anymore, that reptillian piece of the brain by which every man has, (his creator didn't endow him with it, if it's true god made man in his image, why did he make him with this reptillian brain that drives him to kill?) ((he'll say it is he made man to act in sin cause of his betrayal, in the guarden, which does relate to talking of the snake)), god's tale doesn't effect him anymore, it's been overplayed too many times and when he digs in the search for truth, (many christians will tell you the search for truth will lead you to god), but instead the searches for truth have killed him and lead to better means of stimulation which really tickle that piece of the brain