The Black Market's Occult Rise

The life we live, can always be so much worse; and worse it'll get as there are men that live on the edges of our states who seek nothing but further domination and can do so through means of the outside, themselves being on which is thee new outside, already engaged in constant cocaine benders selling the newest designer drugs out to you, lsd blotters covered in occultic symbolism boasting some idea of "enlightenment", while random internet users find themselves suddenly baraged on reddit programmed into whatever belief system which fiddles slightly with the after effect of a new brain reset, the west's honestly never felt this "totally wicked dude" till the black market slowly finds ways to sell it's products by making works with artists in various undercover label deals, it's been a thing for a while honestly though, it's been happening before you could see it and I, there's a reason why once felons find god; and that's because when you're dealing with the demons of the underground killing those you once knew for someone with all the money for a few months or years to be passed to a new kingpin. Cycle continues.

who knows what you can do in an area where the law isn't enforced; the law a constant changing body, one day it's the law of love to crowley, thou shalt not commit murder as a commandment, and another just a simple law imposed by a government democratically elected, it's a rule upheld, do we need these rules to be upheld? No, not at all; if we make it so we can make life under the law better than being within the law, but the thing is, these things may happen again with such things like slavery once again, slavery happening in history was just a view into the possiblity, it is something to overcome; drag as too it not only shows to be a negative on output, but it happening again is always possible, with these new tappings into the occult, touching of dead gods, and more generally while subsuming to this capitalism which preys on poverty and is both too made of povery while equating to povery always, there's no escape, just the slumber fall