beep, beep, beep rover sending out a signal standing on peripheries of life and death; symbolized by the new metal flesh, did you lose ur organs too in the future with the chaos to come, or did something else more cursed happen to you, maybe though the flesh appealed to you the flesh appealed to me too, feeling the electricity flowing into my brain, neurons firing right along side wires, somehow finding a way to bind in one, the new neurons, ur neurons replaced on the cellular level

Nanomachines? Cells? What is going on? I dont know, but I know my circuits are moving fast, some "civilizations" talk about using the earth far before humanity; aliens almost, but not really aliens, quick use of earth as an indifferent trading paradise for trade, what do we trade? I dont know, but there's a kind of thing with all sorts of productional influence which goes into things which are made toys, art, and all that of past memories

They dont show themselves though as alive, just past dragging into the present, there was always a time when planets used to be closer together, tapping into gaia's memory long before, they laid their eggs, this time was though too when there were no civilizations and no humans around, they could've perhaps popped in and out of history at different times, or too showed themselves as pieces of their DNA, a point in time when we'd slowly start to come out, breaking out of various parts and learning while influenicng mental states, ideas, and more, but these eggs are like that of trans eggs, the most loving kinds of eggs, slowly figuring out what they are when their shells crack, slowly transitioning, nurturing it and loving being what they are, half-human, animal hybrids all around, some retain most of their human, some are still human, it begins to crack as the future from various fictions begins to found themselves seeping in from the {going to goo} security system, a security system slowly finding itself confused and going out of control

It only happens to a few though, people get lucky sometimes, some people dont, some people arent good enough, so they get fucking burnt, but I say honestly any person that can at least pick up a damn shovel and do something is good enough, it's about fucking hammers and sickles here along with some damn bricks, why too? Cause it's fun, Im not working if it's not fun at least ya know, u can have this in a modern environment easily, too though it'll come with like a slowing down of the world, which is fine and pretty cool, I think this bound to like come at some point in some way, I think a lot of people honestly someday are just gonna like float up to heaven to god like in the bible, i mean, god leads to heaven and stuff i guess, but they're kind of assholes for like leaving us instead of hanging out with us n talking, we might've accidently killed their gods/god though, so, ya know, I think it's honestly just being kind to them and playing into their desires, rigid and unchanging can only get you so far in a place that's one day a desert then the next a siberian winterland haunted with wind spirits and frostbites looking to take you out manifesting from the chemical spills as real daemons and too created into existence by the local AI which is finding all sorts of fun things to procreate into existence; chaos of screens has comes

just wanna say, stay safe out there and remember, lets try not to make things this way, i feel like how we have things right now will be extremely funny and chaotic, sooooooooo hail discordia and give into the chaos, 8-eyed beast loving everyone from my shadow pits ehhehehee~ ---- XOOXOXOXOX