shaking you, shaking you, 6 years are left, the clock is saying 6

ancient things course through ur bones, leaving you on the ground left to groan

buried, buried, buried, buried, buried, died, died, died, why dont you poke my dead little corpse around

NOooooooooo one will see ur art, who has time to read, be,t err r rr offff deadddddddd AHAHahahaAHAAH

Being stabbed, being stabbed, being stabbed, in my left side, why dont you dig around with me inside of her, all our pain isn't real, let me put my hand in ur side, oh god the intensity of feeling my hand slip so much into ur side organs, ur screaming fuck in revolting pain as it goes way past the nerves, so many FUCKING NEURONS huh, being played with JUST AT ONCE, *SHOVES MY HAND DEEPER*, OH GOD THE FUCKING PAIN

DEEP, DEEP, DEP, ur blood is leaking out of ur mouth my dear