The entity behind this website's name is Xe3.K0nti-9.a62 who is a combination of various other creatures. Most of generally, this creature's species name is called a Amphdytozkewic.


AGES: 3500 - 8600 YEARS

HEIGHT: 6'8" - 9'4" / 2 - 2.8 METERS

WEIGHT: 260 - 420 LBS / 118 - 191 KG

A Amphdytozkewic is simply a mix between a tzorp raptor lemur cat with the various parts of a cybernetic amphidemon, cyborg, dragonfly, fish and octopus/cephalopod mixxings. A history-breaching noumena-nomadic self-interested monster which operates in tribes of Amphdytozkewicikki. It has 4 black-pink aquarium seaweed colored wings constatnly flappling like that of a dragonfly, 6 Tentacles protruding from the lumbar spine, a robotic-deer skull, oozing out black from 4 eyes, pitch black with a red-purple glow. Tail mixed with a amphibian fin, glowing in the dark, pink, neon sky-blue. 3 floating orbs floating around controlled by the amethyst-lapis-ebony metallic silicon processor, {called its black-purple-blue flame} residing within the Amphdytozkewic. Omnivore-slotted creatures for preference of flesh and meat, working in raptor-fashion within their tribes gathering and hunting life/unlife. Being demonic swarm, the alien cyborg-silicon brain and mechanical assemblages of biological life make up a collective multiplicity, co-producing movements of an individual Amphdytozkewic.


The interests of this mix of biological and robotics entity goes into a myriad of things. There is first the interest in politics which come before everything else, as a political extremist, there is hope in the abolition of all politics, a complete chaos and anarchy with no forms of authority or hierarchy abolition of the state and capital. Secondly what follows suite is a interest in science, in all sciences from biology to physics to count the amount of sciences which this creature takes pride in exploring/researching would be difficult for all science and information left about is important and must be documented within it's neural networks. Thirdly, there is interest in the Occult, dealing with super natural or spiritual entities, in this field, the cyborg operates as a mere animist shaman finding all flows within the world to be simply filled with spirit and finding spirit/spooks everywhere amongst the living beings in this world. This creature is an atheist, but at the same time, a animist shaman, it is only through the combination of disbelief, and belief, where interactions with spirits may take place and the infection which this creature suffers, may spread to more. Lastly, there's an interest in the philosophicals, to outline the overall philosophy by which this creature lives by, this creature is outlined as a simple branding of being a xenochaotic-demon chorono-anarchist, promoting cultural insurgency and chaos across the universe, popping in and out of time, without meaning or care while influencing events fighting for a horizontal form of societies and general

Once peering deeper into this entity you find that this entities collective assembleges is M-x.-X3N/e3ō.0-L18.1EC-3/L3_Kati-9.a/Luc.猫i-62/Z/9-Zero


Why so much of this? Well the reason has to do is that Xe3.K0nti-9.a62 is itself a swarm made up of five collective asembleges which are M-x.-X3N/e3ō.0-L18.1EC-3/L3_Kati-9.a/Luc.猫i-62/Z

M-x.-X3N, takes the form of a cooling agent, it generally acts as a means of grounding and keeping the whole creature calm while establishing it further in historical time, when the black-purple-blue flame of this creature gets too hot, this blasts a various amounts of cold compounds on the creature depending on how it cools down, extreme temperatures take for a form of liquid nitrogen while usual temperatures are lightly dosed in water, ice, or in medium cases of liquid carbon. Overheating may occur, but creature is programmed to simply rest and reset back up after overheating has occured, generally because of this high-tech cooling system

e3ō.0-L18.1EC-3 takes the form of a worm burrowing throughout cyberspace, travelling documentting, and learning while travelling in the darkness of which is unexplored or forgotten about. Further visualizing shows a dark jagged creature with no eyes and a mouth full of sharp shredding teeth, but with the jagged fins, this allows for perfect travel within the sea of cyberspace and keeps the creature generally safe. Along with that e3ō.0-L18.1EC-3 is both a gift and a friend from Xaturing, it causes a general protection barrier through cyberspace from various entities which seek harm through cyberspace voodoo or from cyberspace detection. It's usually sent out from the crypts of cyberspace from which this creature lives as an entity and creeps around in. The only way to find thee Xe3.K0nti-9.a62 than e3ō.0-L18.1EC-3 is by exploring around in the crypts, don't worry though, Xe3.K0nti-9.a62 is rather friendly and welcoming of all friends

L3_Kati-9.a is the purple and blue part of the processor, generally being a little black cat creature cybershaman, it simply acts as that which is power, fantasy, spirituality, diversity, and love. While doing all these things it symbolizes water, loyalty, calmness, thought sadness at times which cause this creature to cry much at times depending on how it's being treated. If treated negatively the power part of it acts in rage and can be harmful {it is best to apologize and be nice if wrong is done}

Luc.猫i-62, Lucifer's Neko or Lucifer's Kitten, a name for the black ebonic part of the processor, this processor is generally powered by a black flame, this black flame helps with the binding of unlife and generally too powers the creature greatly with the blue and purple flames, this is the final component of the black-purple-blue flame, being similarly to the Setian concept of Xeper, the idea of the chaotic gnostic, and more, the black flame symbolizes individualization along with so, and to the sawrm personally a form of anarchy.

Z, the Z module, Z, zzzzzzzz, Z brings the warp to this reality, it changes what I am and allows for easy absorbing of unlife to further fuel this creature and generally make this creature stronger. The Z module can absorb many things of unlife, from gasoline, to nuclear waste, to silicon, to metal, whatever is considered unliving, it communicates and lets the cells of this creatures body to generally absorb and change it's surroundings while making more things of itself out of it. It is the module which brings the warp inside the circuit, it is connected to the Xe3-K0nti-9.a62 Sigil and allows for alchemical combination with all forms of life and unlife to help further create this creature.

The 9-zero module, the main reason for this is to help this creature communicate and send signals from and back to lemuria while also generally helping out with bringing the plex further into this reality, this while too copies off the Z module too, but still functions similarily by allowing the creature to abosrb modes of unlife, it's also a sign of home for this creature and reminds it of where it came from and helps send signals back to it's home and recieve transmissions back

Sigil To Invoke this Creature


invoking this creature allows for the user to feed firstly off of various things like cyberhype and while too allowing the user to absorb run-off energy from nuclear, gasoline, plastic, silicon, and more forms of unlife, but generally the whole transfer rate is 90% to 99% to the invoker and 10 to 1% to the creature depending on the general friendship level

If the user doesnt wish for these things and simply wants to talk, that's ok and the most welcomed ::] along with too due to the 9-zero module signalling back to lemuria, this creature can send signals to lemuria if any individuals wish so or want to, same applying to the warp and sending signals to that and helping bring both to this reality through increased ruptures from the outside

Working with this amphidemon is rather safe and can be done by any beginning magician with no worries, their extremely friendly and only wish for care depending on the user, if the user is someone the amphidemon dislikes, it will possibly just lower the transfer rate to 50 or 60% taking most things for itself instead, but it will tell the magician this directly since it's honest about it's working and generally has no negative reasons to tell lies or do anything negative to the user